Our company, founded in 2000 by Raffaele and Emanuele's passion for America and its cars, has been taking full care of vintage and modern American cars for more than 20 years. We are specialized in complete restoration (frame off) and we deal directly with all the components of the mechanics, gearbox, bodywork and electrical system. The company is also one of the few that boasts competent and skilled craftsmen in the reconstruction of sheet metal. Among the services there is obviously the periodic maintenance and repairs of your beloved USA cars. We have always dealt with the sale and import of American cars, providing our customers with the necessary advice to navigate the US cars world. The car file service is also at your disposal, from historicity certificates to homologations and registrations. In recent years we have also dedicated ourselves to Drag Racing, becoming our prerogative to build the engines, prepare the cars and assist our customers in the race. Every day we put our experience, professionalism and passion for our profession at your service.

2000 Motors

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Via Canova 8/c
Nichelino (TO)
P.iva 08051540014

Email: info@2000motors.it
Website: www.2000motors.it
Phone +39 011 6809489
Mobile +39 3472822187


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